The Novels


Years after I’ve set up this English side of my site, in the hope that one day my novels can be translated, I finally managed to see the first one in English.

I also hope to have all my Saga, “The Empire of Steel”, translated in a reasonable span of time. Maybe even some other work of mine.

Please find the link to its description on this page's right side.

I have always been convinced that my novels will encounter great favor in the English-speaking Countries and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed, given the reviews received from Italian specialized sites and readers.

Since I don’t know if and when my other works will be translated, for now I limit this side of my site to the Saga. If anyone is curious, he can go and see the Italian side, which I keep updated as soon as I have news.


One note: for these translations, I’ve chosen American English, since I’m more familiar with it, having used it with my many American friends.