Tiberius, the sad Emperor


First Italian edition published in May 2018.

First English edition published in July 2022


This is not intended to be an in-depth biography, but to highlight the human aspect of one of the most discussed emperors of the more than one thousand-years long history of Rome, closely linked to the events of his adoptive father, Caesar Octavian Augustus.

Another goal is to bring closer to the true history who think it’s boring, through a text that I hope enjoyable.









The cover is based on a Roman statue

depicting Tiberius, exhibited at the Louvre.

(5” x 8”, pages 112) - Synopsis

A brief but accurate fictionalized biography of the emperor Tiberius, since the events that, through his mother, led his destiny to intertwine inextricably with Octavian Augustus’s.

A controversial but certainly interesting historical figure, seen in his human side, which emerges particularly through the dialogues, fictional but possible.

Little-known aspects of his life emerge, such as the active attendance of the Circle of Maecenas, his ability as a general and his common-person worries.

A genealogical tree of the Julio-Claudian dynasty accompanies the biography.

After the historical description, which also dwells on various aspects of Rome at the time, I insert, as a homage, an imaginary connection to my Saga “The Empire of Steel”, of which Tiberius is one of the main protagonists.