The Empire of Steel

Book Two

The Academy of the Gods


First Italian edition published in August 2017.

Events in this second chapter of our saga are so numerous and dense that the period we describe is shorter than two months.

Additional characters of fundamental importance step into the scene, and change even more radically the course of history as we know it. The three allied soldiers will see their roles grow more and more important, not exactly the way one would expect.


The four time-travellers will be more and more involved in the world they have been thrown into, and will have to face totally unexpected situations and dark threats.

Their trip to the North will be particularly inspiring: they will be entrusted with two important missions and one of them will take them to their lands of origin.



The cover is based on a detail of the picture “Athenais” (1908)

by John William Godward.

Athenais, Athena for the Greeks, Minerva for the Romans, particularly meaningful for this book.

The title


The title stems from one of the most important aspects of the book, that will impact on all subsequent events. Saying more would be tantamount to unveiling a large part of this and the first book.